1. Where can I try on your dresses?

For now, we work only as an online store, but if you have any questions or need more information, photos, or video of any gown, please, message us via email, and we will be more than happy to provide you with any additional details needed.

2. How do I choose the size and take my measurements?

Our sizes are unique to our brand sizing and are based on bust, waist, and hip measurements.

We offer two size options for the gown, standard sizes and custom size.

Here you can find more details about how to take the measurements accurately and a list of which we will need for your wedding dress.

Please, reach out via email if you have any further questions.

3. Are the dresses made to measure?

The gowns are made according to the bride's measurements or in standard sizes. 

The measurements used for the custom size are the one that are provided to us at the time of the purchase, and they cannot be changed after that. All alterations and changes to gown you will need to make are arranged after delivery and are at the customer's expense.

More details about the sizing you can check here and here

4. How long does it take to create the gown?

Wedding dresses from the BethyLade collections range take 5-6 weeks to create.

If you need the gown quicker than the classic time range, please get in touch with us directly, and we will rush the order for you to match the required timeframes.

We encourage you to place the order 3-4 months before the wedding to give enough time for all fittings and any alterations if they are needed.

5. Can I customize or alter any of your gown designs?

All our gowns are made to measure. You can customize any of our gowns depending on what you would like to customize because not all customizations can be implemented in any dress. Please, contact us directly with all your wishes.

We can create bespoke or customized bridal dresses, for specific requests, please, contact us via email.

6. How do I care about the gown before and after the wedding?

Before the wedding:

After you receive your wedding dress, you need to take it out of the packaging, straighten out all the layers, and hang the bridal gown in a dress cover(cover) of the appropriate size; the cover should be spacious and long enough.
To avoid deformation of the corset and stretching of the fabric, the dress should be hung only by special ribbons that are sewn into the corset or skirt.
Hang the cover in a dry and dark room or closet without temperature changes; do not leave the dress in a place with direct sunlight. To carefully store the product, it is better to leave it in a closet or wardrobe with enough space to prevent compression. The train should be straightened out in the case and not bustled on a special loop.
Do not iron the dress yourself with an iron; special temperature conditions must be maintained for wedding fabrics.
Please bring it to the atelier for ironing or use a steamer to steam the dress.

After the wedding:

After the wedding, take the dress to a dry cleaner specializing in cleaning wedding items and corsets. After the wedding, store the wedding dress in a dress cover or a special box.

7. Do you accept returns?

A return and refund of the product are possible for standard-size purchases. When ordering, there is an option for standard size and custom size, when you choose the standard size, you will be able to return the gown.

If you want to return the gown, you must contact us within 7 days after receiving the parcel.
When we receive a product and check the details as no damage, we will refund you the cost of the item within 7 days. The restock fee of £70/ $90 (Excluding UK orders) will be applied, and you are responsible for the shipping costs back( for all orders).

Refund of the product is not possible:
-custom size items(made to your accurate measurements);
-custom-designed gown;

8. I love my dress but I need to exchange to a bigger or smaller size, is that possible?

If you ordered the standard size and want or need to exchange it for the other standard size - bigger or smaller- this is also possible.
Please get in touch with us directly with the details, and we will gladly help you and offer the size variation depending on the issue.

When exchanging the gown, you are responsible for all shipping costs and any fees that may be applied.

9. How do I track my order?

A tracking number will be sent via email once dispatched.

You will receive an automated email containing tracking information as soon as your order is shipped. Please note that the first scan takes up to 72 hours to appear, so please feel reassured and relaxed.

10. Taxes & Duties

You are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

I'm not responsible for delays due to customs. However, you must provide any shipping carrier and customs with all requested details to ensure the order is fully delivered.

11. Can I change the delivery address?

You can change the delivery address before the order is shipped. We take no responsibility for incorrect shipping details. If incorrect details have been submitted, please, contact us immediately.

Delivery address cannot be changed or canceled once an order is dispatched.


We are happy to answer any questions, help you choose the size, or provide you with any additional information.

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