The Art of Drapery | Rose

A world where traditional elegance meets contemporary sophistication with our absolutely gorgeous vintage-inspired wedding dress, Rose. This exquisite gown is made from the finest 100% Italian silk, timeless beauty and modern style. The heart of this masterpiece is its beautiful design with unusual drapery, offering both support and comfort while flawlessly shaping the silhouette.

This gown has an unusual cowl neckline, which gracefully drapes across the body, enhancing the bride's inherent elegance. The handcrafted drapery of this dress tells a story of heritage and skill, promising a figure that not only captivates but also enchants.

Rose gown has a romantic-looking long train, which flows majestically behind, creating a dramatic statement with every step forward—a symbol of the bride's embarkment on a new journey.

Perfect for brides who are looking for the harmony of ageless charm and modern grace, this gown is more than just a dress—it's a legacy, a work of art that speaks the language of love and commitment.

Set against London's historic and picturesque backdrop, our beautiful model, Sophie, brings this dress to life, embodying the spirit of romance and sophistication that the city breathes. 

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