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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This charming rhyme has guided bridal attire for generations, symbolizing good luck and happiness for the bride. While each element has its special meaning, "something blue" stands out as a symbol of purity, love, and fidelity. Today, more brides are turning this tradition on its head by choosing blue wedding dresses as their statement pieces.  

Let's look closer at our gorgeous blue wedding dress - Tiffany. 

The enchanting Blue Wedding Dress - Tiffany from our "The Eternal Contemporary" collection. This stunning wedding gown is made from luxurious dust blue organza, perfect for brides seeking a unique and elegant look. The Tiffany wedding dress from BethyLade collection features a sweetheart corset with flowy off-the-shoulder sleeves, offering a romantic and ethereal feel. The A-line skirt with a beautiful train adds a touch of elegance, making this dress an ideal choice for a modern, sophisticated wedding.

The charm of a blue wedding dress is absolute. Moving away from the traditional white or off-white colors, blue gowns offer a touch of modern elegance and stand out beautifully. Whether you're drawn to the dust of light blue, royal blue, or the deep tones of navy, styling your blue wedding dress can transform your wedding day into a fairy-tale experience—feel like Cinderella.
Dive into the process of the creation of the gown:

Blue isn't just beautiful—it's also full of symbolism. Traditionally representing faithfulness and strength, a blue wedding dress can reflect your commitment to a lifelong partnership. Furthermore, blue can be a nod to the adage "something blue," a component of a bride's ensemble that symbolizes good fortune and love.

Feature stories and testimonials from brides who chose blue gowns can provide inspiration and confidence to others considering this path. Their experiences highlight the beauty and uniqueness of blue wedding dresses in various settings and styles.

Our gorgeous bride in the Tiffany wedding dress looks absolutely radiant and happy. Here’s an amazing feedback we received:


I am so excited to share with you that I have finally received the photos from my wedding. I have so many pictures to send to you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed your gown being apart of my special day with my hunny. Thank you for making this beautiful gown, and for your excellent customer service and correspondence. Your dress made me feel like a one of a kind bride. I love the support I had for my chest, and the flow of the fabric made me feel like I was a water fairy. Please feel free to use any of the pictures as well as my review for use on your website.

With so much love,

Alizeé "

A blue wedding dress is more than a style choice—it's a statement. It's about embracing tradition with a twist and standing out. For brides dreaming of a visually captivating and meaningful day, a blue wedding dress offers a perfect blend of beauty, originality, and symbolism.

 Are you inspired to consider a blue wedding dress for your special day? Contact us through our website, email, Instagram, or Etsy to purchase this stunning blue wedding dress. Let us help you find the dress that meets your dreams and exceeds them!


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