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Your wedding dress is more than just gorgeous apparel; it's a great, important gown full of memories of one of the most memorable days of your life. Correctly storing your wedding dress ensures it remains in the same condition, whether you plan to pass it down to future generations or keep it as a special keepsake. Here are professional tips on how to store your wedding dress to maintain its beauty.

Before the Wedding: Preparing Your Dress for the Big Day

Once you receive your wedding dress, it's essential to take it out of its packaging carefully. Begin by smoothing out all the layers and hang the gown in a spacious and long enough dress cover. This will help to prevent any fabric stretching or deformation of the corset. Always use the special ribbons sewn into the corset or skirt for hanging, as they are designed to support the dress's structure without causing damage.

Choose a dry, dark place for storage, such as a closet or room that does not experience temperature fluctuations. Avoid exposure with direct sunlight, which can fade and weaken the fabric. Ensure the storage space, like a closet or wardrobe, is spacious enough to avoid compressing the dress. The train should be laid out straight within the cover, not bustled or folded on a special loop.

Avoid ironing the dress yourself, as wedding fabrics require specific temperature conditions to prevent damage. Rather, take the dress to a professional atelier for ironing or use a steamer to gently steam the fabric and remove any creases.


After the Wedding: Preserving Your Dress

Post-wedding, it's crucial to properly clean your dress to maintain its beauty. Take your gown to a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dresses and corsets. Once cleaned, store your wedding dress in either a dress cover or a special preservation box to protect bridal gown from environmental factors to ensure it stays in untouched condition for years to come.

Using these steps will help ensure your wedding dress remains flawless, from the moment you first wear it to the long-lasting memories in your wardrobe.


I hope this was helpful for you, our dearest future Bethy's bride!


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